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Donna Lohr

I have been gifted by the Creator with the gift of creativity and it makes my life joyful. Too many days without creating something and I tend to get a little grouchy, but luckily my day job is as a kindergarten teacher, so I have lots of opportunities for being creative.

I have been through many crafting evolutions. I have created things from decorated sweatshirts to pottery, from scrapbooking to cross stitching, from watercolor painting to photography. Currently, I am making functional baskets, that are also quiet lovely, and creating whimsical woolies.

After taking one basket class, I decided I could do baskets and began creating baskets to be used for specific purposes...sometimes following a pattern and sometimes creating a pattern.

My whimsical woolies are felt appliqué with a contemporary folk feel and a whimsical attitude. Sometimes I start with a familiar saying and give it a little twist or unlikely interpretation and sometimes I create the woolie and the saying comes along afterwards. Each one has their own personality. They make me smile. I have recently begun to create some 3-D woolies...evolution again!

Creating is my necessary place, where I leave the world behind and come into the presence of my Creator. It's all good.


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